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About Silva India
The person responsible for bringing the unique Silva Method of Mind Control from the Institute of Psychorientology of SMCI, Laredo, Texas, U.S.A. to India, is Bimol R. Raxeet, formerly an architect. Bimol R. Raxeet returned from U.S.A. to make this beautiful system available in India. A system that helps one to stay healthy, cope with stress, develop mentally and grow spiritually. Twenty four years back Bimol attended the course while working as an architect in the Middle East and the course proved to be a tremendous positive force in his life. Significantly when Bimol suffered a major heart attack he fell back upon the Silva Method to regain control on his life. Today if he leads a normal, active life-style, kudos to the method and his determination.

This experience proved to be a turning in his life. He wanted to share it with others, especially in India. He started working to become a trainer. Finally Jose accepted and trained him to be a lecturer, Bimol then came back to India in 1991 and founded the "Silva Method India" organization. He found his centre "Silva Centre" in Bombay, where Silva courses are conducted regularly and free healing service is provided. He has been conducting regular Silva Method course in all the major cities in the country., Apart from conducting courses and delivering lectures Bimol also writes articles for different magazines.

Bimol, who graduated and participated in the research in Psychorientology from U.S.A. is already a recipient of several international awards and working towards understanding Silva - in the Indian context.

He is also conducting the course in Hindi, training lecturers, so that larger number of people may benefit from its outstanding potential.

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